Current Models

Fishing Catamarans
Fishing Catamarans are designed for the serious minded sport fisherman. The Fishing Catamarans are loaded with special features for fishermen. Fishing catamarans are offered in four different platforms: 25', 32', 34', and 36'.
Poker Run Catamarans
Poker Run Catamarans are built for speed. The deck is designed similar to an "offshore race catamaran" and the vessels are rigged for poker run competition. Our typical Poker Run Catamaran has an unfinished cabin (to reduce the overall weight) and is offered with different engine configurations.
Sport Catamarans
Sport Catamarans are designed for people looking for both high performance and an all around "fun day boat". Our Sport Catamarans have a large cockpit and a finished cabin with an enclosed head.
Demo Catamarans
Occasionally, demo models become available...