A Newsletter About the Many Worlds of Ocean Express

We discuss some of the history of the Golden Age of offshore powerboat racing from the unique perspective of someone who helped make that history. We look into the technologies that make it possible and meet some of the people who give the sport it's unique character. We also look at how the technologies and designs pioneered by Ross Focht have evolved over the years to bring excitement and performance to everyone from the casual cruiser to the serious ocean fisherman and the Poker Run aficionado.

We hope you come back again and again to share experience's with others who have enjoyed Ocean Express powerboats over the years - and with those who will in the future. We invite your comments, pictures, and videos and are anxious to share your memories and experiences. Please don't hesitate to tell us how Ocean Express has touched your life.

October 6, 2017
New picture added to our Heritage Photo Gallery
A great picture of Scott Mander's (Intense Marine) 31' race boat from "back in the day!" has been added to our Heritage Photo Gallery. Jason Yocum has it now on the lakes of Kentucky.  See pictures of the newest paint job in our Community Photo Gallery!  Thank you Jason for all the pictures! We look forward to more pictures to come! Great state - "Kentucky"! I have family down there! Love it!

October 3, 2017
New 48' "Made In Detroit" pictures
See new photo's of "Made In Detroit" in our Community Photo Gallery!  Thank you Frank and Kari for sharing!
September 29, 2017
Send us videos of you enjoying your Express Cats this summer!  We'll post them on our website!  
We'd love to show off any new pictures you have too!
August 23, 2017
New 25' pictures added to our Community Photos Gallery.
We received new pictures from one of our 25' owners. See them in our Photo Gallery/Community Pictures plus you can see them on our Facebook page. Check them out! Thanks for looking :)!
June 25, 2017
2005 Pre-owned 38' in pristine condition!
This is a one owner custom 38' in outstanding condition! Pictures and details in our "Pre-Owned Boats" category on our home page top menu bar. MUST SEE! Call our shop for more details.
May 15, 2017
Offshore Power Fishing Catamarans
Be sure to look at the newest addition to our Offshore Power Fishing Catamaran line! We've added a Tuna Tower on the 42'! Pictures are in our Fishing Catamaran models section. This is a great boat. It's now in the Florida Keys! Huge success! Be sure to check it out!
May, 2017
Original Composite Catamaran
Ocean Express has over 41 years in design development of custom Sport Catamarans! World Champion Designs!
April, 2017
See us in the May/June 2017 issue of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine!
March 2017
42' FSCC's
42' TCB tied to our dock and another 42' in the hoist!
August 2016
Our Newest Tuna Tower 42'CCFS!
CHECK IT OUT!! Our newest 42'CCFS shows off a fabulous Tuna Tower!! It just hit the water August 1st... for the next 2 months you could see it flying across Lake St. Clair - or down the Detroit River on it way to Put-In-Bay! After that it's headed for Islamorada! On it's first shake-down cruise running on twin 300 Suzuki's it hit 55 mph holding 300 gals of fuel and 6 adults! Keep your eye on this one - bigger motors are soon to come!
It's been a busy summer! We moved a lot of boats this year and we are not done yet! We took a real nice 27' ProKat in on trade... it's in our pre-owned boats tab! Check it out!
July 2014
May 2014
42' FSCC with twin 7-Marine 557's
We're putting this one together now.... see it at Boyne Thunder July 11 & 12, 2014!
December, 2012
See our ad in the Jan/Feb Boat Show issue of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine..... this ad featues our all-new 42'CCFS!

JULY 10, 2012
Community photo additions!!

TAKE ANOTHER LOOK at our Photo Gallery community photo section - just added 5 new pics submitted by proud OE owners!! The 48' "MADE IN DETROIT", the 21' "POCO LOCO" located in Florida, and the 32' "PASSION IN A BOTTLE" raceboat!

Thank you OE Family members - share  your good times - send us your pictures!

October 2011
21' Center Console for 2012 Model Year
Because of renewed interest in our 21' Center Console, we've brought it back and added it to our line-up for the 2012 Model Year!  Ross has modified the bottom to enhance the performance and fuel efficiency - it's even better now than it was before!  This is one fast and efficient little Cat!!  Great for cruising - swimming - and fishing!  Check it out under Fishing Catamarans in our Current Models section or just give Ross a call at the shop.  He'll be glad to tell you all about it!

The Team at Ocean Express Powerboats wants to say “Thank You” for visiting our website to learn more about our catamarans.  From the industries absolute first offshore composite catamarans, to boasting over three decades dedicated to the incredible catamarans of today, “Express” catamarans are simply the best, most fuel efficient, and stable cats ever built!  In fact, Ocean Express Powerboats reputation for dependability, quality, and fuel efficiency, coupled with the fact that Ocean Express is the only custom catamaran company offering factory-direct purchases, make purchasing an “Express” catamaran an easy decision.

Right now, during our Ocean Express Seasons Best Sales Event, all Demo’s and Pre-owned boats are discounted 30% to 50%.  Call or stop by our shop.

Ross E. Focht, C.E.O.

January 2011
2011 HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW ~ January 7th through 16th

See our 32' CCFS on display in the 2011 HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW in the Gulf Coast Boating Center exhibit, booth 7046.  Talk to our good friend and associate David Donchecz.  He will have pictures and specifications of our complete line of Poker Run, Pleasure/Sport, and Fishing catamarans.  David will be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions!  He has been around a long time and this man really knows his boats!!!



November 2010
34' Pilot House videos

Check out Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack, along with Chris Temple from Bert's Custom Tackle, on Facebook! See pictures and videos of our 34' Pilot House on a Lake St. Clair Muskie trip Saturday, November 13th!


See our 32' CCFS on display in the Gulf Coast Marine Exhibit located on space #5075 and #6030 at the 2010 Houston International Boat Show.  Talk our good friend and associate David Donchecz.  He will have pictures and specifications of our complete lines of Poker Run, Pleasure/Sport, and Fishing catamarans.  David will be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions!  He has been around a long time and this man really knows his boats!!!


February 26, 2009
Spring is almost here!

Well spring is just around the corner and the "Fochtaritaville"  flamingos have survived their first Michigan winter! - and you  thought they were just Florida birds!!

We're getting ready for a great summer here in Michigan!!  We have some real nice boats to put in the water this year - plus a new 39' center console in our design shop that will take inboards - or triple outboards!! Watch this newsletter because we'll have updates on this brand new model - it's sure to be another winner!!

So here we are!  The boats are ready and the Mercury's gassed up!  All of us have a lot to look forward to this year! Come by and see us - if you don't know where we are, just give us a call! If we haven't met you - we'd sure like to!

Ross and Marsha Focht!


February 15, 2009
36' Offshore Super Cat

Drastically reduced price on this 36 OFFSHORE SUPER CAT!  Was $125,000 - Now $95,000!  Pictures and specifications are shown in our Current Models page, Sport Class.

February 1, 2009

CHECK OUT OUR PHOTO GALLERY!  We are looking for your photo's - email your favorite's and we'll post them in our gallery!!  We'd love to show them off for you!!

December 2008
July 2008
Welcome to our new Website!!! Finally!!! Whew!

We struggled (and I mean struggled), but it was worth it and we finally found the right person to do our site – Frank Nania of Network One, System Integration Specialists. He did a great job! 

Thank you Frank!!

August 20, 2008
"Where It All Began"

Once again, Ocean Express wants to thank the Algonac / Clay Historical Society for their continued support.  On August 8th – 10th, our 49’ Fixed Shaft Cat was proudly displayed alongside Miss America 10 at the 2008 Chris Craft Silver Cup here in our hometown of Algonac, Michigan.  The members of the Historical Society are a fine group of people truly dedicated to preserving the history of our area. Remember, this is ”Where It All Began”

The Historical Society is presenting a Celebration of Gar Woods Racing Achievements on the Museum grounds August 30 & 31. The restored Miss American 10 will be on exhibit, along with other items of our boat-racing heritage.

March 2008



Ocean Express is happy to report the success of our new twin outboard 32CCFS!!  This one was just delivered in Cape Coral, Florida.  In most cases it's overall performance excedes that of it's triple engine counterparts while enjoying a 40% fuel advantage! Plus it looks GREAT!! 
January 2008
Ocean Express Powerboats Featured in Florida Sport Fishing
It maybe cold here in Michigan, but in Florida, they are getting ready for the Miami Boat Show.  It is one of the premier boating events of the year and people from around the world converge on the sun soaked Miami scene to see the newest products offered by the boating industry.  

Every year, the Florida Sport Fishing Magazine features new innovative products in their January/February edition which will be in circulation during the Miami Boat Show.  Ocean Express Powerboats is proud to be featured in the Florida Fishing Magazine January/February edition.  Click Here to View Article

November 2007

Why Would Anyone Want A Boat With No Motor?   
Well, actually, we sell quite a few motorless boats here at Ocean Express for a variety of reasons. The most common one is that the buyer already has a set of outboards or an inboard power unit that just needs to have a boat attached to them.
Sound like anyone you know?

If so, you might want to take a look at the 25-foot offshore catamaran we have in stock at the moment.  It seats 5 and has an estimated top speed of 108 MPH when attached to a pair of 2.5-liter outboards. It comes with all the standard Ocean Express features, and best of all it’s in stock right now and can be fitted out to your specifications and delivered immediately.

So, if you know someone with a pair of outboards that are not in the water, give us a call. A deal this good won’t last long.
  Want To Extend Your Fishing Season?   
A couple of years ago, Ross had the opportunity to inspect a commercial vessel equipped with a pilothouse. Standing there, high above the water surrounded by glass the idea struck him that this was the perfect design for an offshore fishing boat.

Of course, Ross is not into designing trawlers and tugs, so the pilothouse idea was married to an Ocean Express catamaran hull to produce something truly unique, a 34 foot hybrid performance/fishing boat with a fully enclosed pilothouse. It may look a little strange at first, but the proof is in the performance, and this boat performs!
Think about the advantages of a completely enclosed, heated and air-conditioned pilothouse the next time you’re surrounded by leaking vinyl and canvas flapping in the wind. Then think about cruising out to the hump at 35 or 40 miles per hour in a stable, fuel-efficient catamaran. All of a sudden, it doesn’t look so strange anymore. If the idea sounds interesting, give Ross a call and let him tell you all about it.
  Ever Hear The Story About The Guy Who Built A Boat In His Basement …
... and had to cut a hole in the wall to get it out?
Well, the Ocean Express building now has a new, higher door because a Pilot House fishing boat is a whole lot taller than the typical Ocean Express product.
Be sure to ask Ross about the new door when you call, but don’t tell him how you found out.

Technology Notes
Why Do Balsa Wood Cores Get Such A Bad Rap?  You’ve heard the horror stories. Balsa wood absorbs liquids, which changes it from a lightweight material to a heavyweight material, and it’s impossible ever to get it dry again.
Yup, it’s all true – unless you know how to work with balsa wood cores. The secret is to totally encapsulate the core, and that takes time and costs money. That’s the way Ocean Express uses balsa wood, and we’ve been doing it for many years with zero problems.

Most other builders won’t take the time or spend the extra money to do it right – so the horror stories persist. All you have to do is look. If you can see wood, you will have a problem sooner or later. Probably sooner.
Well, that’s all for this edition. Check back often, and do let us know about your experiences with Ocean Express boats.  We’d love to share your story.

Ross & Marsha